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Víctor Font presents Ramon Cugat as new advisor to Sí al futur

You can see Ramon Cugat’s presentation here Ramon Cugat was presented, at a midday press conference this Monday, as a member of the Sí al futur(“Yes to the Future” in Catalan) project led by Víctor Font. Born in...

Víctor Font presents Antoni Bassas as Sí al futur’s number 2

You can watch Antoni Bassas’ presentation here (in Catalan) Antoni Bassas (Barcelona, 1961), FC Barcelona member number 71,311, was presented this afternoon as number 2 of Sí al futur [Yes to the Future, in Catalan],...

Toni Nadal joins Sí al futur

Toni Nadal (Manacor, Majorca, 1961), with Barça membership number 63964, will be part of Sí al futur's candidacy for the next elections to the presidency of FC Barcelona. Toni Nadal, who will join the sports...

Xavi Hernández: "The soci should consider Víctor Font in the future elections"

In an interview given last Friday to TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio, Xavi Hernández explained to journalist Jordi Grau his feelings before he finally retires as a player, something which will take place on Monday. During...


“During the next decade, Barça will have to manage the replacement of the best generation of players in its history and tackle the challenge of economic competition with clubs owned by tycoons and states, while technology continues to transform the world we live in. If we want to continue winning and keep the ownership in the hands of the members, a project led by talented people who have traditionally not been interested in the Club’s management is required.”
Víctor Font

About us

We are a group of FC Barcelona members looking forward to a bright future, keen to overcome any challenges that may lay ahead. Some years ago, we started giving some thought to the idea. Now, with the help of all members and supporters who want to join us, we’re ready to build a new Barça seeking to promote the values that have made us great. We want to gather all the necessary talent to face the challenges that our globalised world is already posing.

Víctor Font, FC Barcelona member no 72.609, is a telecommunications, media and technology entrepreneur and leader of this collective and diverse project.

Collective because there’s already a large number of people working on it. Yet we aim to persuade many more people with talent –people who traditionally would not feel called to work for Barça.

And diverse because of the different voices that have come together, including Club members from different walks of life, ages and professions….

We want to build a project that makes use of the skills of all Barça fans with a clear aim of serving the institution –not its leaders. A project to change the model of the Club, looking to a brave future. We need you to help us make it happen.


“Sí al futur” (‘Yes to the future’, in Catalan) is a project to imagine and build the new Barça of 2030, when Messi and the best generation of footballers in history will no longer be on the pitch. In order to be able to compete then, the Club must be renewed so it can face all the economic, social and sporting challenges that will come. These are huge challenges amplified on the one hand by the technological transformation that the world is going through, and on the other by the new competition backed by large fortunes or even states. We want to make ourselves available to the talent at hand and persuade it to join the project and help make it happen.


We need to gather the talent of the best generation of football players in history, and ensure that decisions in the sporting area are made by them

We at “Sí al futur” are convinced that success can only be obtained if we can rely on the talent emerging from the Academy (“La Masia”) and if we defend the winner legacy of Cruyff. Therefore, it is the players who know that model by heart the ones better positioned to lead Barça’s future sporting project. It will be critical that decision making is in their hands, from the Board to the Club’s Academy, including all relevant positions in the professional teams.


If we want to compete and at the same time keep the Club’s ownership in the hands of its members, we must rethink the revenue generation model

We must be able to sell products and services directly to the millions of Barça fans all over the world, minimising intermediaries. The Club’s economic potential is currently limited by the intermediation of a great number of external agents. Technology and the skills and experience of internationally renowned Board members and executives should make this possible. It is the only way we can generate the resources that other competitors owned by tycoons and states have access to. It is the only way to be able to compete at the highest level.


It is necessary to redefine the Club’s governance model and the members’ role in decision making

In the future, we must make sure that each decision made by the Club is managed by those with the appropriate skills and experience. The prerequisite to join the Board cannot be limited to the capacity to underwrite the Club’s budget. The members of the Board should be socis with the relevant experience in the sporting, business and institutional spheres, ready to make hard decisions. The Board should focus on defining the Club´s strategic direction and making strategic decisions and delegate the day-to-day tasks to an internationally renowned team of top executives. It’s not enough that we, the members, are the club owners. It is much more important that we feel that we are. We must take advantage of all the skills available through an innovative model that fosters participation. We must improve the representativity model of the Club member, currently limited exclusively to attending the Assembly of Delegates. To make an effective use of tools such as electronic voting should be a priority.


Let’s take advantage of Barça’s influence to help face the main challenges posed by 21st century society

We must use the influence that Barça has all over the world to develop an ambitious set of initiatives to contribute to face the main challenges posed by 21st century society. We must prove that we want to continue being “more than a club” in the future.

This Club has not only been a model for the way of understanding the game of football. Historically, it has also been a model regarding the values shown when practising it. These values were born with Joan Gamper, were nourished in La Masia, grew up with Cruyff and were disseminated all over the world with Unicef. We have seen those values exemplified ever so often, both in and out of the football pitch.
We face an unavoidable challenge, not an easy one, yet a clearly exciting one. We make ourselves available to all those Barça members who can contribute to face this challenge with the best guarantees of success. We must build the Barça of the future together.
We’re waiting for you!


We’d like to ask you to help us make the Barça of the future possible. Let us have your details and we will inform you of the project’s news so that you may help us make it happen.

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