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The 4.989 signatures, collected in just 25 days, 1.736 more than the number needed to introduce this point in the Agenda, will be delivered to the Member’s Office (OAB) today


Barcelona, September 30, 2019 – Sí al futur (Yes to the Future in Catalan) will deliver the 4.989 signatures of Club members at the Barça Member’s Office (OAB) today. The signatures, which were collected in only 25 days. will allow the Delegates’ Assembly to be held on October 6 to discuss the introduction of electronic voting in the Club. Pending the corresponding validation, the 4.989 supports exceed the 1.736 that had to be achieved for the proposal to be discussed, as stated in the Club Statutes.

The member who leads Sí al Futur, Víctor Font, will be in charge of delivering the signatures at the Barça offices today, one day before the end of the submission deadline. Although the number of supports needed to enable the discussion on the introduction of electronic voting has been exceeded, tomorrow Sí al futur will take to the Club any last-minute signatures that members may provide.

The signatures that the Club will receive have been collected at the Camp Nou before the games against Valencia and Villareal; also by postal mail and at points located throughout Catalonia. More than 100 volunteers participated in the campaign to collect supports.

Once the deadline for collecting signatures expires – a time fixed by the Club at 8 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, October 1, as established by the Statutes of the Entity – the Club will have 48 hours to validate the signatures submitted. Sí al futur has asked the Club to be present at the recount and validation of these signatures, through auditors facilitated for this process.

By Thursday, October 3, at 8 p.m. at the latest, the Club will have to notify the validity of the signatures and the inclusion of the point proposed in the Agenda of the Delegates’ Assembly of October 6.

In a letter addressed to the president of FC Barcelona, Víctor Font, the leader of Sí al futur, has communicated his desire, legally protected, to present the proposal to the Delegates during the Assembly of the next 6 of October.


Why does Sí al futur promote electronic voting?

Electronic voting would be implemented in the elections to the presidency, including the collection of signatures of the candidates; it would also allow reforming the Delegates’ Assembly so as to open it to the whole social mass; and would elicit member opinion on some symbolic issues, such as, for instance, the design of the Club jersey or the badge. Two thirds of the members present in the Assembly will have to vote in favour of the electronic vote for it to be approved. In this way the participation of the social mass in decision-making would be opened and the Club would improve transparency and, ultimately, the role of members as owners of the club would be reinforced. It is important to note, also, that the electronic vote would not eliminate the traditional in-person voting, and that the members who wanted it could vote as has always been the case.

Two thirds of the members present in the Assembly will have to vote in favour of the electronic vote for it to be approved. If the Assembly votes in favour of the introduction of electronic voting, it will be necessary then to wait for the Parliament of Catalonia to pass the new Catalan Sport and Physical Activity Act, which includes this voting modality. The law is expected to be approved before the end of the year or early next year, since it now has the support of a large political majority of the Catalan Parliament.


Barça directors have the software needed to implement electronic voting

At the end of July, Víctor Font delivered the software for free to the director of Barça’s Social area, Pere Jansà, and to the director of Information Technologies (ICT) of the Club, Sergio Jerez. The software would allow the immediate implementation of the electronic vote.