Segueix tota l'actualitat de #sialfutur

Do you want to do like them?


Some ten FC Barcelona members met last Thursday with Víctor Font to get to know in depth and debate about the Sí al futur (Yes to the future, in Catalan) project, the initiative that seeks to offer a new proposal to the members of FC Barcelona when elections are called for the presidency of the Club.

Font had committed himself to holding reduced meetings with those members who would have helped to get more people register for the web of the project ( Being registered on the web allows you to be informed of all the novelties of the project, check all the available documentation, communicate directly with those responsible for the initiative and help to make it grow and improve.

The meeting, which lasted over an hour, consisted, above all, in an informal chat where ideas, proposals, questions and opinions were exchanged, all of which will undoubtedly help enrich and improve the Sí al futur project.

These meetings, which will be held periodically, follow from the public presentations that Sí al futur and Víctor Font have begun to organise after the first event held on January 31 in the auditorium AXA in Barcelona’s Les Corts neighbourhood, ​​and the one subsequently held at Granollers’ Casino on March 26. A new presentation in Sant Cugat del Vallès is expected to take place during the month of June.

You too can bring other people onboard and participate soon in future small meetings with Víctor Font, like this one held last Thursday.


How can you go about getting other members that you know register on the web and join the initiative, so that you can come to one of the next meetings that are organised?


First of all, you have to register (if you have not done so) at

In the welcome email, once you have registered, you will be provided with a personal and non-transferable link and a code that you will be able to share with your member friends so they too can sign up. This will help us know that the new registrations are due to your own initiative.

You can also do it through the newsletters that we send periodically, like this one. At the beginning of these mails there is a link you can also share through whatsapp with your friends and get them to register too.

So the more friends and Club members that register on your part, the more likely it is that you may attend one of the next few meetings with Víctor Font and get better acquainted with Sí at futur, the project that he leads.