Segueix tota l'actualitat de #sialfutur

A dozen Barça members met with Víctor Font last Wednesday to share the Sí al futur project in depth. During the meeting, which lasted for almost two hours, the members expressed opinions about the project and Font had the opportunity to listen to them and their opinions, in addition to receiving ideas and proposals to enrich it.

Sí al futur considers that the members, apart from being the owners of the Club, have to feel and perceive that they are so. One of the key points of the revolution that the project puts forward for the governance model is to improve the representative model of the member in the Club, a model which currently focuses almost exclusively on the Assembly of Delegates.

Last Wednesday’s was the third meeting that Victor Font held this year with a small group of members but he will continue holding them periodically. If you are a member and want to participate in any of the meetings that will be held during the last quarter of 2019, please send us an email to You can come alone or you can request a place for some other member that you know and also wants to participate. Please indicate in the mail your full name, email address and the telephone number of each one.

We will let you know by order of registration, with sufficient time, of the date of the meeting we can offer you. Please bear in mind that they are very small group meetings and that the waiting time may be slightly longer.

Let’s keep on building together the Barça of the future!