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The “Clásico” in the Spanish Cup

It is good to recall these days of the Spanish Cup matches against Real Madrid, that the first conflict between both entities took place in fact during this competition, before it bore its current monarchic denomination (the Spanish Cup is in fact called “Copa del Rey” or King’s Cup). At that time it was simply called the Spanish Championship. The home match ended with a Barça victory, and in the away match, the Whites won. So it was necessary to break the tie, also in Madrid. The match that had to be decisive ended in an unprecedented 6-6, so a new match had to be played. The refereeing in this fourth match was so scandalously biased towards the White team that the Barça captain, Tiago Massana, ordered his companions to abandon the pitch with a 4-2 against. This action meant the elimination of Barça from the competition, which in the end was won by Athletic de Bilbao.