Segueix tota l'actualitat de #sialfutur

“The new way of managing the Club has to mean a similar revolution to which Johan Cruyff starred in the field,” explains the project leader

Granollers, March 26, 2019 – More than 300 barcelonists have been able to live the presentation of Víctor Font and Sí al futur, the project that he leads and which wants to offer a new proposal to the members of FC Barcelona when the next elections to the presidency of the Club come. Font explained that “Barça’s challenges demand a new management that must mean for the Club a revolution similar to what that Cruyff did in the field when he arrived in Catalonia.” The act, the first one after the official presentation that took place in Barcelona on January 31, was held at the Casino of Granollers and consisted of a conversation by journalist Antoni Bassas with Víctor Font.

Barcelonists who witnessed the live act, in the hometown of Víctor Font, have been able to feel the basic points of their project unraveling:

• “Club ownership must always remain in the hands of its partners”

• “I’m talking to Xavi Hernández to convince him to lead the football project”

• “We will redefine from top to bottom how decisions are made in the Club and who takes them”

• “I would like the maximum number of athletes who know and have lived through the Barça model to work for the Club, each from where they can contribute to the success of the entity”

• “Sports decisions must be in the hands of those who best know the winning inheritance of Johan Cruyff”

• “We will promote a model of innovative participation, and we will use the electronic vote so that the members can participate in the decision making”

• “In order to continue competing with the elite, we need to reinvent the generation of revenue. We must be able to sell products and services directly to the millions of followers that the Club has around the world, eliminating intermediaries”

• “Space Barça (Espai Barça) must be built for the good of the Club, but it must never harm the sports competitiveness of the entity, and even less compromise its viability”

• “The sportive character of the Club is not discussed. The growth of revenue will allow us to enhance the sections and create new ones”

• “Women’s sports should grow strong and convincing to the Club. There must be teams of football, basketball, handball or roller hockey competing at the highest level”

• “We will multiply resources aimed at maximizing the social impact of Barça in Catalonia and the world”

• “The Club must disseminate its history so that it is known, valued and can generate adhesions around the world”

• “Barça’s commitment to Catalonia is indispensable”

Explain the project everywhere and to all Barcelonists

The intention of Víctor Font and his team, from now on, is to travel all over the territory and personally explain this project Sí al futur in different acts similar to what has now been done in Granollers and how it was also done in Barcelona, ​​in the official presentation held on January 31.

Sí al futur, on March 28, in the Vèrtex building of the UPC university, organized an act called “Yes to electronic vote at Barça”.

The Barcelonists who want to get involved in the project and want to be informed of their activity can register on the web

You can also see the presentation act in Granollers summarized in five minutes and the best photos of the presentation.