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Víctor Font presents Ramon Cugat as new advisor to Sí al futur

You can see Ramon Cugat’s presentation here Ramon Cugat was presented, at a midday press conference this Monday, as a member of the Sí al futur(“Yes to the Future” in Catalan) project led by Víctor Font. Born in...

Víctor Font to L’Esportiu: “I know that Messi likes Xavi’s leadership we propose"

Photo by Oriol Duran Víctor Font gave an interview to L’Esportiu with Ferran Correas to talk about Sí al future and Xavi as the cornerstone of the project. Here you can read the interview (in Catalan)

This November, Víctor Font has met over 500 Barcelona fans to talk about the Barça of the future

Watch here the last virtual meeting This November, Víctor Font has had virtual meetings with over 500 Barcelona fans, to talk in depth about the Sí al futur (“Yes to the Future” in Catalan) project and discuss what the next...

Víctor Font to El Partidazo de COPE: “Xavi is the one who must convince Messi to continue"

Víctor Font visited El Partizado de COPE yesterday with Juanma Castaño to explain the most important points of the Sí al futur’s project. In addition, he talked about Barça’s current situation and repeated that Messi...

Víctor Font to El Nacional: “Barça will wear UNICEF again on the shirt”

Photo: Sergi Alcàzar Víctor Font gave an interview to El Nacional with Bernat Aguilar, where he explained the plan he has to wear UNICEF again on the shirt as the main sponsor, if he is elected president in the next FC Barcelona’s...
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