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Sí al futur has a plan to pack the Camp Nou full of members

FC Barcelona's presidential candidate, Víctor Font, has set himself the primary goal for the next term to restore the link between the members and the stadium and leave the days of it regularly being at...

The member asks, Victor answers

One of the priorities of the Sí al futur ['Yes to the future' in Catalan] is to be able to make a reality a more direct and transparent relationship with the members of the Club....

Sí al Futur calls for Barça to sign Eric Garcia during the January transfer window

Sí al Futur (“Yes to the Future” in Catalan) wants Barça to complete the signing of Eric Garcia this month, before the January transfer window shuts, rather than waiting until June, as the Management Committee decided yesterday. Víctor Font argues that the most competitive squad...

Víctor Font welcomes the legal recognition of electronic voting, but finds it inexplicable that it cannot be used on 7 March

Sí al Futur (“Yes to the Future” in Catalan) considers it a success for Catalan clubs that the Catalan Government has recently enacted a decree giving legal recognition to the use of electronic voting in...

Sí al Futur will transform its governance model so that members act as the true owners of the Club

Here you can watch the social presentation Putting the members at the heart of the Club’s governance model: it is on the basis of that core principle that Sí al Futur (“Yes to the Future” in Catalan)...
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