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In May 2015, I announced in Granollers, my hometown, that I would not participate in the elections to the presidency of the Club that made Josep Maria Bartomeu president of FC Barcelona until 2021.

There had been some speculation at the time as to whether I would put my name forward or not, so I came out to explain that I would not be a pre-candidate. I sincerely believe that we could have presented a plan to try to win the elections the way it had always been done, but we had neither the project nor the team to face the Club’s huge challenge.

During the coming decade Barça will have to manage the replacement of the best generation of players in the history of the Club and tackle the challenge of economic competition with Clubs that are now owned by tycoons and states. And all this in an environment where technology is rapidly transforming the world we live in. If we want to continue competing at the highest level and to keep the ownership of the Club in the hands of the members (socis, in Catalan), an innovative and ambitious project is required, led by a team of talented people who have traditionally not been interested in the Club’s management.

These three years we have continued working to bring to maturity the proposal of “Sí al futur” (‘Yes to the future’, in Catalan). We are now happy to announce that, when the Board of Directors decides to call for early elections or end their mandate, Barça will have an alternative project in place.

As of today, we will dedicate ourselves to explain the broad lines our project, to improve it by listening to the ideas of the whole Barça environment and, above all, to incorporate the necessary talent to make all this happen. We will pay attention at how the Club is managed and will do so in a constructive attitude while offering proposals for improvement.

There is a lot of work to be done.

In the future, we must make sure that each decision made by the Club is managed by those with the appropriate skills and experience. The prerequisite to join the Board cannot be limited to the capacity to underwrite the Club’s budget. The members of the Board should be socis with the relevant experience in the sporting, business and institutional spheres, ready to make hard decisions.

In the sporting area, for example, it will be essential to rely on the talent of the best generation of football players in history. It will be critical that decision making is in their hands, from the Board to the Club’s academy, including all relevant positions in the professional teams.

The Club’s revenue generation model should also be reinvented, to ensure that the ownership stays in the hands of the socis. We must be able to sell products and services directly to the millions of Barça fans all over the world, minimising intermediaries. The Club’s economic potential is currently limited by the intermediation of a great number of external agents. Technology and the skills and experience of internationally renowned Board members and executives should make this possible. It is the only way we can generate the resources that other competitors owned by tycoons and states have access to. It is the only way to be able to compete at the highest level.

It is necessary to redefine the Club’s governance model and the socis’ role in decision making. We must take advantage of all the skills available through an innovative model that fosters participation. We must improve the representativity model of the Club member, currently limited exclusively to attending the Assembly of Delegates. To make an effective use of tools such as electronic voting should be a priority.

At the same time, it is necessary to take advantage of the influence that today Barça has all over the world to develop an ambitious plan of initiatives that help to cope with the main challenges of society in the 21st century.

In short, the “Sí al futur” project seeks to fulfil all the necessary requirements to ensure that Barça can be recognized as the best club of the 21st century. An innovative project that will transform the model that has been valid so far and will enable us to overcome any differences that may have weakened us in the past.

We are building a diverse team of Barça fans who aspire to make themselves available to the Club to help it where necessary. We want to incorporate all the people and ideas that can contribute to that. On our website www.sialfutur.cat you will find more information, and how to participate in the project and contact us.

We face an unavoidable challenge, not an easy one, yet a clearly exciting one. We make ourselves available to all those Barça members who can contribute to face this challenge with the best guarantees of success. We must build the Barça of the future together.

We’re waiting for you!

Víctor Font i MantéBarcelona, 11th of June 2018

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