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New beginning and good governance

We are ready to choose the winning path at this historic crossroads. It has been seven years of constant and collective work, listening to partners from all over the country and building a great team so that we can build a winning proposal together; and today we can proudly say we have it. We have a plan and we have the team with the best possible experience and ability to make it happen.

We are here because the future demands new ways of doing. New perspectives, new solutions, new leadership, more teamwork and less self-oriented style, more honesty and transparency, listening to people, being connected to the rest of the world and knowing how to interpret it taking advantage of the digital revolution. We are the real and calm change. A firm, responsible change, based on consensus, bringing together the priorities of a Barcelona supporters majority. A change without backpacks, without nostalgia or mortgages of the past, only future.

Talent, at the Club

The Masia must re-nurture the first team in style and players, in football and in all sections. And recovering this potential means retaining the talent that has made history at Barça. That’s why Barça’s sports ideologues will be former players who have lived the essence of the squad, who have grown and triumphed in the club. They are the ones who know best what is right for the Masia to take advantage of all possible talent, and they are the ones who will make the sports decisions. Talent must be found comfortable in all areas of the Club. That is why we will also replicate this philosophy throughout the structure of the Club, from top to bottom.

  • We will work to bring home all our references who today share their talent with other clubs.
  • Xavi will be the backbone of Barça's football project.
  • Messi must stay at Barça. We have the project for you to want to continue serving your whole life at the Club.

The members, in the center

We will put members at the heart of the Club's governance model. Transcendental decisions are coming, a reconstruction that will involve us all, and we cannot and do not want to face this challenge with our backs to the partner. We guarantee that the members will be the owners of the Club. Once the law is reformed, we will implement electronic voting in:

  • Presidential elections, in coexistence with the face-to-face vote, and in the collection of signatures for the votes of censure or to collect supports to candidacies.
  • Assemblies of delegates so that the great annual decisions are endorsed by the highest number of members.
  • Other relevant issues of the institution, especially symbolic ones.

A Club with a cause

We are committed to being decisive and proactive in making our world a fairer, more democratic and viable world. We will be the Club most loved by boys and girls: the best club in the world. We want children from all over the world to be dazzled by Barça for their titles, but also for their deeds. For what we earn, but also for how we earn it. That is why, during our term, we will have a quality education as our banner, one of the 17 greatest goals of sustainable development for the 21st century set by the UN.

  • Before the end of the term, UNICEF will once again wear the coat of arms on our T-shirt thanks to the agreement with strategic partners.
  • The Foundation will promote local and international educational projects aimed at children and young people. We will seek the maximum identification and participation of the partner in the causes of the Foundation.

Yes to a female Barça

We want to normalize the role of women in the Club, at all levels and levels. To be more than a Club, Barça still have to make a stronger and more determined commitment to having women's teams always competing at the highest level.

  • Each sport at the Club will have its own women’s team with the aim of competing at the highest level.
  • Women will also play a key role in the management of the Club, assuming key responsibilities in technical and executive positions.

Yes to a stadium full of Club members

We will restore the partner’s bond with the Stadium. It is urgent to leave behind 75-77% of chronic employment in the statistics and generate a massive attendance of partners. On average, more than 20,000 seats are unoccupied. That’s why we want to turn every match day into an experience designed for members, which encourages travel to the Stadium.

  • We will prioritize the Camp Nou being filled with members (subscribers or not) above occasional visitors.
  • We will lower the annual price of season tickets for the members who attend the Stadium and the Palau the most.
  • In each match, there will be an affordable ticket package for more than 30,000 non-season ticket holders.

Yes to the sections

Barça must be the largest and most admired sports clubs in the world. We will promote the sections with the same strategy with which we will promote football. Not just to win titles, but because good section management involves more fans, more markets, more audiences and more revenue.

  • Our commitment to the sections is indispensable.
  • We will implement the same organizational chart as football: the reference players must be able to stay at Barça to build the sections. We will only incorporate talent that we do not have at home.
  • We will maintain and recover the non-professional sections.
  • We will export the sections outside Barcelona. There are countries where the king sport is not football, but one that represents our sections. It is time for the sections to expand the phenomenon around the world.

Yes to a good financial management

The fragile economic situation of Barça, combined with the very high competition and the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, force us to rethink the economic structure of the Club and to provide it with all the ingredients necessary for it to function at maximum performance.

  • We have a plan for the first 100 days that will balance this season’s income statement and refinance debt that is due this summer.
  • We have a plan with a rational management of the expenditure and new lines of income that will allow us to invoice 1,400 million euros at the end of the mandate.
  • We will be selling new products and services without intermediaries to 400 million fans worldwide.

Yes to a viable Espai Barça

Espai Barça is the biggest investment in the history of the Club. The initial budget of € 600M presented a (now obsolete) financing formula of € 200M from naming rights, € 200M of own resources and € 200M of debt. Today this budget has evolved to € 815M, and a financing of € 400M of bank debt and € 415M in guaranteed bonds with the future income to be obtained is proposed.

  • We will urgently promote a viable Barça space that ensures that the Club continues in the hands of the members and that allows us to continue competing in the elite.
    The members will approve the final project in a referendum.

Yes to our story

We are and will be a Catalan and Catalanist club. The Club will always be by the side of what Catalans decide at the polls.

  • We will promote Catalan and our history among workers, athletes and society in general.
  • We will adapt the Museum to the possibilities of the 21st century to offer a better experience and a better knowledge of our 121 years.