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Sí al futur has a plan to pack the Camp Nou full of members

11 February 2021
Sí al futur has a plan to pack the Camp Nou full of members

FC Barcelona's presidential candidate, Víctor Font, has set himself the primary goal for the next term to restore the link between the members and the stadium and leave the days of it regularly being at 75-77% capacity behind since more than 10 seasons ago. Before the pandemic, at every match, there were, on average, over 20,000 unoccupied seats. To turn the situation around, Sí al futur will implement policies to pack the Camp Nou full of new members.

Proposals for members without season ticket

The more than 12,000 people on the waiting list to obtain a season ticket and the other members who do not have a seat at the Camp Nou are the priority of Víctor Font. Therefore, they will have preference over third parties when enjoying the Stadium. In this sense, the commitments are:

  • 2,000 season tickets will be allocated to the first members on the waiting list at the beginning of the 2021-2022 season.
  • At the same time, the allocation of seats to members without season ticket on a waiting list will be speeded up as much as possible with a fully transparent system. In total, a minimum of 7,000 members out of the 12,000 currently waiting for a season ticket will receive one before the opening of the new Camp Nou, scheduled for 2025.
  • In all the matches, including the Classic and the Champions League qualifiers, an average of 5,000 tickets will be reserved at a season ticket price for current members without a seat with preference for those registered on the waiting list. The price will be the equivalent of the average cost of attending a match on a season ticket in the area where the ticket is allocated (annual cost of the season ticket in that area of ​​the Stadium / approximately 26 matches at the Camp Nou). The amount would range between 12 euros (3rd tier of a goal) and 50 euros (2nd tier of the grandstand) on average with the management costs on the margin (currently 10% of the cost of entry , VAT included).
  • A mechanism for reusing inactive seats for years will be promoted to give them to the members of the waiting list to pack the Stadium full of members. It is estimated that before the pandemic, there were about a thousand subscribers who never attended the Camp Nou or vacated their seats.

Best price for members with season tickets if they go to the Stadium regularly

With a loyalty program, their presence will be encouraged with a reduction in the annual price of season tickets for members who attend the Stadium, Johan Cruyff and the Palau, among other promotions.

More measures

Sí al futur will implement other initiatives to fill the facilities of members and to reward those who support the team in the stands and on trips more often:

  • The children's passport will be consolidated with more tickets available for boys and girls. 
  • Bonuses will be generated to access the stadium as a family, facilitating access to tickets in family packs at very affordable prices. 
  • The members (with season ticket or not) who attend the Stadium the most each season will have priority in obtaining tickets for the finals. To do so, there will be a reserved package of tickets for the finals for members who have attended the stadium the most or who have traveled the most accompanying the various professional teams of the Club.
  • They will take advantage of the new opportunities provided by the new Camp Nou to promote an impressive entertainment stand, expand the current entertainment spaces in the Palau and create new ones at the Johan Cruyff Stadium.

In parallel with these measures, work will be done with the other clubs on reciprocal and bilateral agreements to obtain financial income for the fans who travel with the team.