Segueix tota l'actualitat de #sialfutur

Given the evolution of the pandemic and in order to ensure the safety of everyone, Sí al futur [‘Yes to the Future’ in Catalan], the project led by Víctor Font, a project which aims to offer a new proposal to FC Barcelona members for the next elections to the Club’s presidency, has decided to postpone the presentation that was scheduled to take place on Friday, July 24 in Bellcaire d’Empordà.

If the health situation allows it, the event will take place at the end of September. Then more presentations are planned in Andorra and Mallorca in October, and in Terres de Lleida in November.

Before the pandemic, Sí al futur had already organized public presentation events. The first was at the AXA Auditorium in Barcelona, in front of 600 people, in January 2019. He then gave presentations in Granollers, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Vic, at the Conesa Beer brewery in Barcelona and in Mataró, where the last act before the pandemic was held, on March 2, 2020.

Virtual presentations during confinement

During the confinement, Víctor Font has been explaining the project he leads via virtual meetings with members. A new meeting was held today with the participation of more than 90 Barça members.

From the start, Víctor Font outlined the main points of the project in a conversation with journalist Antoni Bassas, in addition to dealing with the latest sports news on Barça. Once the initial conversation was over, the participants were able to ask questions or give opinions in order to resolve their doubts and concerns about different aspects of the sports, economic or social project that drives Sí al futur.

With today’s meeting, almost 800 Barcelona supporters have already taken part in one of these telematic meetings of Sí al futur. After the great reception of the first online meeting, which took place on May 8, with the presence of more than 200 followers, and that of May 22, with 150 more followers, 150 Barcelona fans filled again the last presentation on June 12th. Finally, 150 more Barcelona fans took part in the one held on 21 June.

Would you like to take part in the next online meeting?

After today’s event, further virtual meetings will resume in September to be announced in due time. If you know of any Barcelona fans, especially members, who might be keen to take part in them, ask them to sign up on this link.

Places are limited, and the invitation is personal and non-transferable. FC Barcelona members will enjoy priority registration.