Segueix tota l'actualitat de #sialfutur

As from today, new questions will be published every Monday and Thursday of the week in Sí al futur’s “El termòmetre”. For those who still don’t know, “El termòmetre” is a web application where culés from all over the world can give their opinion on the hottest topics of the moment around FC Barcelona, not only about the first football team but also about the different sections of the Club.

All participants will enter a draw for 5 copies of Construïm junts el Barça del futur (Let’s build together the Barça of the future), the book that journalist Antoni Bassas has written about Víctor Font and Sí al futur, the project that seeks to offer a new proposal to the FC Barcelona members when the next presidential elections of the Club are called.

The draw for the 5 books will take place on 19th December, at 12 noon, and you’ll be able to follow it live from Sí al futur’s Instagram account (@sialfutur). The lucky winners will receive an email with instructions on how to collect their copy of the book. The winners of our first draw held on July 31 were: Jordi Pérez, Miki Fernández, Alexandre Giménez, Vincent Pourreau and David Tepes.

Today we kick off with the non-signing of Neymar. What you think?

Stay tuned every Monday and every Thursday and don’t forget to share this thermometer with friends and family!