Segueix tota l'actualitat de #sialfutur

Antoni Orpinell, vice-president of the FC Barcelona Roller Hockey Veterans Association, handed personally to Victor Font this Monday the book Història de l’hoquei patins blaugrana,(A history of FC Barcelona’s roller hockey section), which the Association has published on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the section. During the meeting, Orpinell and Font shared a conversation around Barça’s roller hockey latest news and the general activity of the Club. Font explained to Orpinell the project Sí al futur (Yes to the future), which he wants to offer to FC Barcelona members when elections are called for the presidency of the Club.

The book Història de l’hoquei patins blaugrana, written with rigour and detail by journalist Carles Gallén, reviews the most important milestones along the more than 75 years of history of the section. The line-up of each team of the section since 1942 is documented, including the classifications and the successes harvested year after year. A great and thorough work accompanied with unpublished photographs.

Carles Gallén also explains some of the less well-known events for the followers of roller hockey section, such as the disappearance of the section for five years, from 1943 to 1948, or when FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol shared the facilities at the Palau d’Esports de Barcelona.

The roller hockey section is the one with the highest number of trophies of the Club. During these 75 years, FC Barcelona has become the best team in the history of roller hockey. It currently treasures 123 titles, including 6 Intercontinental Cups, 22 European Cups, 18 Continental Cups and 30 OK Leagues.


Did you know that…

…today Barça fans are proud of the multi-sports nature of our Club, a fact that makes Barça a unique entity and also allows us to compete at the highest European level in various sports? Undoubtedly, this vocation of sporting diversity is part of the club’s DNA, and the truth is that that the sections have been growing around the football core of Barça since very early on. In 1912 the athletics, tennis and cricket committees were created. That same year, a group of swimmers from CN Barcelona, who were also Barça members, organized a water polo team with the blaugrana colours. Of these first experiences, the section that put down strong roots was athletics, while tennis was abandoned after two years due to lack of facilities and would not take off again until 1926. The 1920s saw a new impetus for the sections, with the appearance of field hockey (1923, after an unsuccessful first attempt in 1913), rugby (1924), Greco-Roman wrestling (1924), cycling (1925) and basketball (1926). With the passage of time, new sports modalities would appear and disappear, until reaching the current times with our four professional sections (basketball, handball, roller hockey and indoor soccer), plus a handful of amateur sections (athletics, field hockey, ice hockey, rugby, volleyball, and so on). And it is clear that culé pride reaches far beyond football.