Segueix tota l'actualitat de #sialfutur


Víctor Font met with some fifty members or more this February to talk in depth about the Sí al futur project and about the Barça of the future – the time when Messi and the best generation of footballers in history will no longer be on the turf. The first meeting was held on Friday 14 February and was Font’s tenth meeting with Barça members, and on Friday 28 he had the second.

During the two meetings, lasting about two hours, these members were able to hear directly from Víctor Font the main points of the Sí al futur project, and at the same time, Font had the opportunity to listen to them and sample their opinions, receive proposals to further the project and try to answer their doubts.

Sí al futur seeks to get members to really feel and perceive that they are the owners of FC Barcelona, since the current model of representation of the member in the Club focuses almost exclusively on the Assembly of Delegates. One of the key points that the project proposes is to revolutionize the Club’s governance model. Sí al futur contends that all the Club members have a voice and that listening to them is the best way to understand and manage Barça.

Would you like to attend the next meeting?

If you are a member and want to participate in any of the meetings that will be held during this 2020, please send us an email at You can come alone or also ask for a place for another member you may know who would also be keen to participate. You only have to provide the details of each person – full name, email address and phone number.

We will follow the order of registration and will let you know about the possible date of the meeting. Stay tuned for the mail! Keep in mind that these group meetings are very small and waiting time may be slightly extended.

Let’s keep on building together the Barça of the future!