Segueix tota l'actualitat de #sialfutur

Sí al futur, the project led by Víctor Font which aims to offer a new proposal to FC Barcelona members when the next election to the club’s presidency is called, will be presented in Mataró on Monday, March 2nd, at 19h, at the Ateneu of the Fundació Iluro (Bonaire Street, 3). This will be the sixth public presentation of the project after the events of Barcelona, Granollers, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Vic and again in Barcelona, at the Conesa Beer Barcelona brewery, coinciding with the first anniversary of the public presentation of Sí al futur.

There is no need to reserve a place to attend, just present to the Ateneu of the Fundació Iluro from 18:30, when the doors of the enclosure will open. As attendees arrive, they will be able to sit while there.

Before going in the room where the sixth public presentation of the project will take place, attendees will be able to photograph themselves with an exact reproduction of the Champions League trophy, as well as with two authentic shirts of two mythical figures of Barça: Johan Cruyff and Marcial Pina, loaned by the collector Miquel Tejero. The shirt that will be exposed by Cruyff is the one that he wore on August 25th, 1974 at the VI Trophy Ciutat de Mallorca, against the FK Austria Wien. Marcial’s was the one that sweated during the UEFA Cup semi-final against Liverpool on April 14th, 1976 in Anfield, a game that ended in a draw.

Attendees who want to know more about Víctor Font and the project Sí al future will also be able to buy the book written by the journalist Antoni Bassas, presenter of the event, entitled Construïm junts el Barça del futur, published in Catalan by Columna. The bookshop “Buc de Llibres” in Mataró will be responsible for the point of sale.

Throughout the presentation, Víctor Font will continue to explain the project he is leading in a conversation with Antoni Bassas. He will also explain how Sí al futur is to make Barça 2030 possible, when Messi and the best generation of players in Barça’s history are no longer on the pitch. After the initial conversation, participants will be able to ask questions or give opinions in order to resolve their doubts and concerns about the project.

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