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Xavi Hernández: "The soci should consider Víctor Font in the future elections"

12 December 2020
Xavi Hernández:

In an interview given last Friday to TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio, Xavi Hernández explained to journalist Jordi Grau his feelings before he finally retires as a player, something which will take place on Monday. During the interview, Xavi, who from now on will begin his stint as coach and is a future candidate to the Barça bench, referred to the need to recover the essence so that Barça can be the best again. "Barça has to dominate the games, otherwise it is impossible to win the Champions League. History is clear on this: Barça has only won the Champions League when it has dominated the game. You may lose, like Ajax did against Tottenham, but with the feeling that you have dominated. Barça did not do it and was trampled over". Talking about the future of Barça during the interview, Xavi Hernández was asked by Jordi Grau about his opinion on Víctor Font, precandidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona in the elections.