Segueix tota l'actualitat de #sialfutur

Photo from Jaume Borràs


Víctor Font will present Sí al futur in a conversation with journalist Antoni Bassas on Tuesday, 26 March, at Granollers’ Casino


Sí al futur (Yes to the Future, in Catalan), the project seeking to make a new proposal to the FC Barcelona members when the next elections to the Club’s presidency are called, a project led by Granollers-born Víctor Font, will be presented for the first time outside Barcelona, on Tuesday 26 March 2019, at 7.30 pm, at Granollers’ Casino.

300 Barça supporters will be able to follow the event live. No previous reservation is needed. Access to the Casino will start at 7.15 pm, when the doors will open. People will sit as they arrive until full capacity is reached.
During the event Víctor Font will make known the project he is leading for the governing of Barça in a conversation with journalist Antoni Bassas. Font will explain how Sí al futur imagines the Barça of 2030. Participants to the event may put questions to Víctor Font.
At the end a glass of cava will be served to those attending, who may share a bit of an informal conversation with Víctor Font and take pictures at the photocall of Sí al futur.

11 June 2018


Víctor Font, who on 11 June last publicly announced that he made available the Sí al futur project to all FC Barcelona members when the next elections to the presidency of the Club are called, had already warned that ¨in the next decade, Barça will have to face up to replacing the greatest generation of footballers in the Club’s history and take on the challenge represented by competing financially with clubs owned by oligarchs and states. All that will take place against a backdrop of technology that is rapidly transforming the world we live in. If we want to keep competing at the highest level and keep the Club’s property in the hands of the members, we need an innovative and ambitious project, led by a team of talented people who have, until now, been on the side-lines of the Club’s governance¨.

On 31 January last, at Barcelona’s AXA Auditorium, Víctor Font made the first public presentation of the project he leads in the presence of 600 Barça fans.


Did you know that…


…Barça and EC Granollers are currently a number of categories apart, but that had not always been the case? An exceptional event took place in 1934, when the Granollers football team reached the First Division of the Championship of Catalonia, a competition that no longer exists today, but during the first forty years of the 20th century was very important. The promotion made it possible for Barça and Granollers to play in an official competition. Those historical matches were played on 3rd September and 5th October, and in both cases Barça won. On the first occasion it was by 1 to 4 in Granollers and the second by a minimum 2 to 1 at Barça’s old Les Corts stadium. The truth is that the first goal in the history of this double match was scored by Granollers’ Carmona, on the 12th minute of the first match.