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Sí al futur offers the software to Barça to push the electronic vote in the Club

Before the end of the year, the law could allow electronic voting to elect a president, according to the General Secretary of Sport of the Generalitat

Sí al futur, the project that wants to offer a new proposal to the members of the FC Barcelona when the presidential election of the Club is convened and led by Víctor Font, delivered a software to the management of the entity “to push the electronic vote in Barça”. This technology will allow, for example, the new president to be elected in next elections, scheduled for 2021, through electronic voting. “There is no excuse for not implementing the electronic vote and our project commits itself to apply it if we run the Club, but it would be a good legacy of the presidency of Bartomeu to put it into operation from now on,” said Víctor Font in a dissemination day about the electronic vote organized by Sí al futur.

Font stressed that electronic voting is “a key tool in the transformation of the management model that we promote because it does not make sense that a club like Barça with 140,000 owners and always linked to democracy does not take their opinion into account beyond when voting in the elections every six years and in the assembly of delegates if it is part”. In this sense, Sí al futur proposes to apply the electronic vote in the elections to the presidency, including the collection of signatures of the candidates; the reform of the assembly of delegates to open it to the whole social mass and symbolic questions, such as the design of the shirt and the shield. Víctor Font pointed out that “the commitment to electronic voting does not mean that the board of directors resigns from its responsibilities but instead will listen to the opinion of the partners, sometimes binding, before making certain decisions.” According to Font, the board of directors of Sí al futur will govern “from the knowledge, it will leave room for action to the executives and will have the electronic vote as a great ally to know what the Barça members want.”


The future law provides for electronic voting and may be in force before the end of the year

At present, a reform of the Catalan Sports Law is underway, which currently only allows the vote in person in the election of the directives and presidencies of sports clubs such as FC Barcelona. During the day, the legal adviser of the General Secretary of Sport of the Generalitat and coordinator of the future Law of Sports and Physical Activity in Catalonia, Pere Vilà, explained that the next legislation will not restrict the electronic vote in the sports world if equality, freedom, universality, secrecy and transparency in the process are guaranteed. Vilà has been optimistic about the reform, which, if there is consensus in the sports sector, can be approved before the end of this year. This would allow the application of electronic voting in the elections to the presidency of FC Barcelona scheduled for 2021 if the club’s statutes were reformed.


A secure and protected system of manipulations that increases participation

The event included the participation of Pere Vallès, president of Scytl, a leading company in promoting electronic voting around the world. Vallès explained some of the basic features of the electronic voting system: it can be carried out from any device connected to Internet, is “secure and reliable”, increases participation, guarantees the privacy of the voter and is protected from any manipulation”. Each action is immutable in files that can not be erased or modified. “This generates some mathematical tests that show that there has been no manipulation,” said Vallès. Apart from a practical demonstration of how to vote electronically, the success stories of Switzerland and the College of Odontologists and Stomatologists of Catalonia were explained, where participation and transparency have greatly improved since this modality of vote has entered in operation.

The journalists Pilar Calvo and Ramon Besa, the cook Fermí Puig and the communications consultant Carles A. Foguet, participated in a round table, in which they showed support for the implementation of electronic voting at FC Barcelona. No representative of the Club participated in this table, even though Sí al futur had invited them to take part. The journalist Laura Rosel has been in charge of presenting the day, which has taken place in the auditorium of the Vèrtex building on the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), in Barcelona, ​​in front of a hundred people.


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Photographs by Lali Àlvarez – The photos of the event on electronic vote organized by Sí al futur