Segueix tota l'actualitat de #sialfutur

Víctor Font presented yesterday February 10th at the legendary Penya Barcelonista Anguera Sí al futur, the project that aims to offer a new proposal to FC Barcelona members for the next election to the presidency of the Club. Among the numerous supporters who attended the event, prominent Barça supporters such as Josep Maria Minguella were there. All of them listened to the presentation and, afterwards, participated in a dialogue that deepened the proposals of the project, clarified doubts and listened to their opinions.

After the presentation, Font saw Betis-Barça accompanied by the President of the Penya Anguera, Joan Tito Bertran, members of its board of directors and the numerous supporters who usually watch Barça matches at their corporate headquarters. The game ended with a 2-3 for Barça, with goals from De Jong, Busquets and Lenglet, a result that puts Barça 3 points behind Madrid, which is the leader.

The Penya Barcelonista Anguera is a sports entity that was founded in 1957 and whose name comes from the legendary Papi Anguera, responsible for the material of the first football team for more than 30 years. The P.B. Anguera has more than 570 members, 480 players and 34 football teams, and is considered an example in Catalan formative football.

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