Segueix tota l'actualitat de #sialfutur

Sí al futur has resolved to actively support the motion of no confidence promoted by various FC Barcelona groups against President Josep Maria Bartomeu and his Board.

Since its inception, Sí al futur has shown respect for the presidential terms and has avoided resorting to the motion of no confidence, despite its differences with the current Club Board. This position has recently changed as a result of the collapse of the first men’s football team in Lisbon, in the fixture with Bayern Munich, and of the subsequent announcement of the departure of Leo Messi, together with the way the Club is managing Leo’s departure.

On the night of the defeat in Lisbon, Sí al futur called for the immediate resignation of Bartomeu and the entire Board of Directors with the consequent call for presidential elections as soon as possible. Afterwards, Sí al futur warned that if Bartomeu and the other executives did not take this step, we would resort to the only possible legal instrument to force their departure – the motion of no confidence.

Given our agreement with this approach, Sí al futur has resolved to actively support the motion already launched and to contribute to its success. In a pandemic context, it is not an easy goal because of the difficulties it presents, such as a draconian legislation to prevent the motion from advancing, the short time given to collect signatures and an anachronistic and cumbersome regulation. Despite these obstacles, there is no other way out than the motion of no confidence if we want to express in a practical way the indignation towards Josep Maria Bartomeu and the rest of the Barça Board seeing the critical situation that the Club is experiencing in the sports, economic and institutional fields.

The motion of no confidence begins today, Tuesday, September 1. According to the Club, by September 17, 16,520 signatures must have been collected from members in order to proceed the motion of no confidence.

How to give your signature

Sí al futur has committed itself to collecting signatures in support of the motion of no confidence. The statutes of FC Barcelona lay down that only the forms that the Club has issued for this motion are valid. This makes it necessary for all members who want to sign in favour of the motion to collect and fill in the corresponding forms and take them to:

Sí al futur – Avinguda Diagonal 399, 4th Floor // 08008 Barcelona

You can pick up the form and/or deliver your signature from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm. Friday, September 11 is a national holiday in Catalonia.

  • It is essential to bring a photocopy of both sides of the DNI of the member who wants to sign. You also need to bring your FCBarcelona member card, but you do not need a photocopy.
  • There are other signature collection points. You can check them at
  • The deadline to submit signatures is Wednesday 16 September.
  • Club members will be allowed to collect official forms to obtain signatures from other members as long as they agree to deliver them at one of the collection points within the deadline set.

For more information, please check this website

We have already collected 7500 signatures. The Plataforma Més que una Moció has made the first count official. You can see it here.